Where does Beta Glucan 500 come from?

Our Beta Glucan is highly purified from the cell walls of baker’s yeast. However, beta glucan is found in many other natural sources like mushrooms, oats, and barley. Studies have shown that baker’s yeast is the most effective source of Beta Glucan.

-Better Way Health

Again, the generic term is a “Complex Carbohydrate” that can be found, in micro amounts, in just about any kind of plant: starting with bacteria, fungal forms, yeast, mushrooms, cereal grains, oats, and barley. You can find it in micrograms and picograms in all kinds of plant cells and fungal forms.

-AJ Lanigan

From almost anything from the plant part of living things. The most common sources are yeast and mushrooms. But it’s mostly based on, on the geography basically. Because we as a western civilization, we historically drink beer and eat bread. So if there is a lot of mushrooms around, they are very cheap. So we used to (or we are used to) derive glucan from yeast.

People in china and Japan they use mushrooms as old folks’ remedy because they have a lot of mushrooms and it’s common to pick up mushrooms and eat them. So they derive beta glucan from, from mushrooms.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka


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