Do I still need to take Beta Glucan if I am in good health?

Yes, anyone in any situation can benefit from taking Beta Glucan on a regular basis. Even those individuals who are in great health. Our immune system takes a beating every single day from the quality of air we breathe to unwanted pesticides in our food. Our bodies were created and designed in such a way where our immune system normally takes care of these things, but it certainly has its limits; that’s where Beta Glucan comes in. Every employee plus their families at Better Way Health takes Beta Glucan daily. We truly believe in this incredible product!

-Better Way Health

You should take Beta Glucan every day. Your overall health is going to benefit from the fact that your overall Immune System is being supported. I believe this question is on par with, “Should I get up in the morning and brush my teeth … Should I take a shower?” Taking Beta Glucan needs to be a natural part of your daily health; along with drinking good water, eating a healthy diet, and breathing fresh air. You will find that as time goes on, you will recognize the benefits of having a stronger immune system.

-AJ Lanigan

It depends how healthy you actually are. We might think we are healthy and we might not be. If you don’t feel any problems or anything like that you may not see any effects for the next 10-years. But the thing is you might be exposed to five guys with the flu tomorrow and another guy with this disease and that disease and because of you taking the glucan your body’s immune system is prepared and you didn’t catch it. So you will never know that it didn’t happen but you basically sailed straight through the problems. So, you cannot say if I take it I will know for sure that the effects are there. You don’t know what you didn’t get because of it.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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