What does “Beta-1, 3D Glucan” mean or signify?

Most people refer to our product as “Beta Glucan" for simplicity. However, the full name of the product, “Beta 1 3D Glucan” is the scientific name, which refers to the linkage and bonding of the molecule.

The D stands for D-glucose, which is an important structural element of the cell wall and serves as energy storage in bacteria, fungi including yeast, algae, and plants. The individual glucose subunits are primarily linked either by (1,3)-β, (1,4)-β, or (1,6)-β glycosidic bonds. In most cases, beta glucans exhibit a uniformly constructed backbone of various lengths with side-chains of D-glucose attached by (1,4)-β, or (1,6)-β bindings.

However, not all beta glucans are able to modulate immune functions. These properties mainly depend on the primary chemical structure of the beta glucans. Cellulose for example, a (1,4)-β-linked glucan, does not exhibit immune-modulatory effects. In contrast, beta glucans derived from fungi and yeast, which consist of a (1,3)-β-linked backbone with small numbers of (1,6)-β-linked side chains, are essentially known for their immune-modulating effects.

There are competing beta glucans with the same or similar name, however, this name in particular has little to do with the purity or effectiveness of a beta glucan product. The patented name of our product is Glucan 300® (shown on back of label). This is how you know you’re getting the best immune support available.

-Better Way Health

If you remember I was saying that it‘s like a string of beans that’s a chain of the molecule, but it almost always is in a kind of branching and depending on how it is branched and where the chemical binds are, its either in position 3 or 6 is why it is called 1,3 or 1,6 is how it is bound together.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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