Is baker's yeast Beta Glucan the best for Immune Support?

There are many different sources of beta glucan like mushrooms, oats, and barley. However, clinical studies show very clearly that baker’s yeast Beta Glucan is the most biologically active. In addition, our baker’s yeast derived Beta Glucan is the purest on the market, which allows consumers to safely achieve a doubled immune response. This is why our company elects to carry just one immune system product due to its unmatched purity and effectiveness.

-Better Way Health

There are a lot of different types of compounds that are referred to as Glucan that come from many different sources: Grains are a good example. Over 10 or 12 years ago, the FDA actually gave oat glucan the permission to make a healthy heart claim. It’s an entirely different molecule, but it is still called Glucan. There are glucans from Mushrooms, Seaweed, certain Bacteria and other sources as well. Of all these, being researched side-by-side; it was found that the Glucans, purified from the Cell Wall of Baker’s Yeast, are the Most Biologically Active when it comes to the immune system. Some healthy benefits from cereal grain Glucan is lowering cholesterol; if you are looking to support and maintain a good healthy immune system, based on the scientific research, then it is best to be taking Beta Glucan derived from the Cell Wall of Baker’s Yeast. Being derived from Baker’s Yeast, helps with the affordability of the product. Transfer Point Beta Glucan is economically affordable, it contains superior immune stimulation per mg when compared to glucans from other sources.

-AJ Lanigan

Yes, and one of the reasons is you can produce it in much larger batches compared to mushrooms and the yeast is the same every time. You can buy a wagon of yeast and every single one will be identical. With mushrooms you have to produce them, it’s a growing plant basically; they will grow differently every time you start a batch.

With a natural material you want to have it as close to possible as the same every single time.  So that gives advantage to the yeast glucan.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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