Where can we find research comparing Beta Glucans?

Dr. Vetvicka has studied and compared 80+ different commercial beta glucan products from numerous companies and countries around the world, measuring immune response. Based on Dr. Vetvicka’s research, there is not a single product more beneficial to a person’s immune system than our Beta Glucan. You can find Dr. Vetvicka’s studies on PubMed.gov.

-Better Way Health

I have studied at least 50 maybe 80 different glucans from countries all around the world. I had glucan from my own country of course but several countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Croatia, Turkey, you basically name it. I try  to compare them together at some kind of “best level” and if it’s is possible I publish these comparative studies. There are at least two or three already published. So it’s available online at PubMed. It’s possible to find them. It’s out there.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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