Is Beta Glucan good for athletes?

Yes, Beta Glucan is extremely beneficial for athletes. Exercise and physical activity is wonderful for a person’s health. However, after strenuous exercise the immune system can be suppressed. For instance, studies show the recovery benefits when marathon runners take Beta Glucan during their training.

-Better Way Health

There are actually scientific studies showing the beneficial effects of glucan in this type of activity. I think it was the people running the marathons because they are really running machines. They are perfectly prepared for running or heavily lifting or something like that, but being prepared for that doesn’t mean that the immune system is up to the same level.

Actually, it is getting worse because there is a strong connection between the immune systems. The immune system is not working alone. It always works together with the central nervous system, which people usually don’t recognize, but also with the hormonal system. It’s kind of a mutual cooperation and if you push something to the extreme, the other parts usually suffer. So it will help them just to be healthy. It’s actually known that these athletes, from the disease point of view, are not really healthy guys.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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