Is Beta Glucan 500 beneficial to children?

Yes, children can certainly benefit from taking Beta Glucan. Keep in mind that a child’s immune system is still developing up until about 2 years of age. They typically do not benefit from supplementation until after the 2 year mark. However, Beta Glucan is safe for children at any age. It would be ideal to open the capsule and mix it with something children enjoy, like apple sauce, avocado, etc. We do not advise children attempting to swallow the capsule.

-Better Way Health

If you say children, let’s say thinking of about 6 to 12-16. Not really a one-year-old there’s probably no reason to feed one-year-old children the glucan. It would be absolutely close to impossible to figure out how much, so it’s really not necessary. Plus the immune system is so undeveloped around year one, but who knows? But from three-years-old, there is no reason if there is no need.  

If it is a healthy kid you probably don’t need to have some kind of prophylactic glucan dose. But if there’s an infection, an ear infection, it’s better to try glucan particularly when the pediatrician says the immune system is not where it should be. But the clinical on kids right now from ages 8 to 15. They are already published and the results look great.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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