How do you think Beta Glucan will affect the future of medicine?

I personally think that in the next five to ten years it will be an officially approved drug in the whole Western world.

The question which I really cannot answer is how expensive it will be as soon as Big Pharma steps into it. So far they are sitting basically on the fences and letting the small guys fight and pay for it, do the research and develop the patents and so on. We can think that $30 or $40 for a bottle of glucan, for some people it might be a lot of money. Some might say “it’s a yeast it should be cheaper.”

But it still has no comparison to $50,000 per month for some kind of anti-cancer drug, and that is why also it is a little bit less interesting for the pharmaceutical companies. But I really believe that it will not even take 10 years before it is officially approved. We have to remember that as we eat fish, particularly salmon if is not wild caught you can bet it is already fed with glucan. Most of the commercially farmed fish are fed with glucan, heavily. Yeast glucan, yeah.

There is a huge surplus of yeast both in Europe and in the United States. The breweries have enough where you can get a truck of yeast for five bucks basically so they are giving it up. There are whole ships going to Norway. It is a byproduct left over. It is shipped to Norway to produce the glucan out of it and they are selling it to commercial fishermen, fisheries and it helps the salmon to stay healthy in farming. I would say about 80% of salmon production is on glucan.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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