Can pets benefit from Beta Glucan?

Sure it is, don’t forget that all the research started on animals, we never used it in humans for maybe 20-25 years. It does work, it actually works in any animal you can think of. It might even be one of the oldest modulators or stimulators of the animals system we know. It is heavily used for example in commercial farming of shrimps. So if it works on shrimps and fish, we were talking already about fish, you can be sure it works on your home dogs or cats.

With vertebras for sure but some of the basics and the cells involved in the immune system are the same even if you go much lower on the evolutionary scale to invertebrates. The glucan still works and still stimulates the system. I’m using it for our dog. He is ten years old and healthy as ever. And for any animal you can think of because now it is getting more and more commercial use. There are a lot of studies on farm pigs or farm chickens and it has a strong potential there.
~Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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