Is Beta Glucan 500 an all-natural supplement?

Yes, Beta Glucan is as natural as it gets. There are numerous natural sources of beta glucan in general. Our product contains zero fillers, additives, or unwanted contaminants. The only ingredient in our product is highly purified, Non-GMO Beta Glucan and is encapsulated in a vegetarian Pullulan Capsule.

-Better Way Health

Yes It Is!

It comes from Baker’s Yeast, one of the oldest compounds known to man. Colloquially, it’s the stuff that makes bread rise. Moving forward, there are all types of fungal forms and Yeast happens to be one of them. Whoever created our immune system, made it more dynamically responsive to fungal forms than anything else: more so than viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells; in fact, cancer cells are often invisible to the Immune System.

That being said, Beta Glucan is an All-Natural Supplement known to assist the body’s innate defense in recognizing the presence of cancer cells.

-AJ Lanigan

It is fully natural. It’s basically impossible to make synthetic glucan in the size of what we got in nature. It’s just too difficult to make and too expensive to make.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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