Can you explain the Beta Glucan 500 purification process?

The patented purification process, which separates our Beta Glucan from the competition was developed by AJ Lanigan. This extensive process removes impurities like fats, lipids, and proteins that may cause allergies or side effects. Once the Beta Glucan is purified and washed it is then tested in a lab by numerous PhD scientists for safety and efficacy. Only 10% of a given “batch” meets the minimum 85% purity standard. This makes our Beta Glucan the cream of the crop!

-Better Way Health

Imagine a yeast cell wall; it’s similar to a sponge you would find on the ocean floor: with caverns, crevices and holes. Our process involves the digestion, if you will, of specific fats and proteins using fairly caustic compounds such as hydroxides: sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide.

These are compounds similar to what’s found in your gut when the bowel gets drenched with bile during digestion. We also partake in a series of steps involving acids under certain pressures and temperatures. The product is washed with purified water to rid waste, as well as being centrifuged for further separation. It is tested for Purity and Content of beta glucan.

If it does not meet Transfer Point’s minimum 85% purity standard of quality, it gets sold off to other companies under different brand names, which we have nothing to do with.

-AJ Lanigan

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