How can Beta Glucan help if it is a sugar?

It’s pretty much common knowledge that sugar feeds cancer cells. However, Beta Glucan is not a simple sugar, it is a complex carbohydrate. Keep in mind the purification process of our product leaves behind the highest quality Beta Glucan you can find. By taking our Beta Glucan, you will safely double your immune response. There are no known side effects.

-Better Way Health

To say that sugar feeds cancer is a little bit of an overreach, you have to define sugars of whether or not they are simple sugars or complex sugars. Complex sugars, or complex polysaccharides, are similar to fiber in that; they cannot be digested by the human body.

Certain pre-biotic bacteria however, do digest the complex carbohydrates; in the way of our compound, the peyer’s patches absorbs the Beta Glucan from the gut. The immune cells will then undergo phagocytosis: gobble up those tiny particles and slowly secrete a long-chain, water-soluble polysaccharide that binds to the CR3 receptor. After a period of several weeks, there may be a breakdown into simple sugars but that’s not like you biting into an Apple, or biting into a pineapple, or taken a drink of carrot juice; which are all heavily laden in simple sugars that breakdown into simple glucose, exacerbating issues with blood sugar and cancer.

Such is not the case for out product; in fact, our complex carbohydrate increases your fiber intake making it very healthy towards blood sugar and cardiovascular issues like cholesterol.

-AJ Lanigan

The whole question of cancer and sugar, it’s not so clear cut how it usually sounds about what you can see in our newspapers because if the cancer can be cured or stopped by us not eating sugar or things with sugar, we would all be healthy. The cancer would disappear because you would just stop eating it. So it doesn’t work this way, you cannot say I will just not take any sugar for the next two years and I will never get a cancer, it doesn’t work this way. So that’s one thing. And second, the glucan are glucose molecules but they are not linked in the way like in the sugar in which we eat. That is why it is not as sweet, it is bitter. So it is a sugar more in the chemical way or chemical name. You cannot sweeten coffee with it.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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