How does Beta Glucan Compare to Other Immune System Supplements?

Well, this is rather easy to answer. Glucan has one really big advantage, it is the most studied immunomodulator or natural immonomodulator of them all. The biological studies go to tens of thousands. If you think of anything else you might find 10 papers, 15 papers. So that’s one thing.

You might not believe in scientific studies from one group or you might say it is coming from China, or it is not good or this scientist is not good. But if you have 10,000 papers from all around the world they cannot ignore it. These guys could not just start to think something from the hip. That is one thing and the second is glucan is a simple molecule from a rather simple source. Even if you have a rather low purity, you still have 65% of pure glucan in it you take any medicine plan, some people either boil leaves, they boil roots sometimes the whole plant, you never know.

And that’s it, they call it the extract or this plant or the extract of that plant. You might probably have 50 to 100 different molecules inside, you don’t even know which 100. Some will have a stimulating effect, some will have opposite effects, most will have no effect and nobody has money or even inclination to find out which of the 100 is the active one. You are more thinking about what your grand grandmother maybe told you “cut this finger put this plant on it” but the science behind it is not there yet.
~Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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