What can readers expect to learn while reading Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret?

Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret is the book explaining and breaking down pretty much all of the studies conducted by Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka. This book is extremely scientific and somewhat challenging, but if you want to know essentially everything about beta glucan this is the book for you.

-Better Way Health

The studies we mentioned previously and some of them are here, are really the full scientific studies. They are peer-reviewed journals meaning I submitted the article to be checked by my peers, the regulatory board, they check the science for the scientific value and so on. If they agree, it’s published.  

But it is not really readable for the general public. It’s boring, it’s too detailed and there is a lot of information that nobody but the expert will understand. At the same time, felt it’s a lot of confusion, there are a lot of companies and manufacturers which in my opinion are not 100% honest and so on.  So I decided to prepare something which will summarize what we as a scientist know about the glucan and write it in some kind of easier or more acceptable way for the general public.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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