Is Beta Glucan good for blood sugar and cholesterol?

Yes, Beta Glucan is very helpful for both blood sugar and cholesterol regulation. Studies are very clear that Beta Glucan benefits both of these areas, which is a much safer alternative to statins and blood sugar regulators. Please consult with your medical professional before discontinuing any drugs you may be taking.

-Better Way Health

In the case of cholesterol, it is really demonstrated both on animals and many times on humans, it does help. Of course, it is not on the level of any Liptor or statins. It is not so strong, you cannot expect to start popping pills and you will have 50% drop in two days. But if you really take it, and there the grain glucans are much more studied so we know more about them, they are really working and give you the 10% drop if you take them daily. You have to take a little bit more than one small pill, it’s really in gram quantity. But also, this is already recognized by the FDA and why you see the claims on TV because it is officially approved to claim it.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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