Is it true that many hospitals and clinics are already using Beta Glucan in the US?

Yes, there are numerous hospitals and clinics using Beta Glucan due to its remarkable benefits to the immune system. New studies are coming out weekly on glucan showing its safety and efficacy. There are no signs indicating that this will slow down anytime soon.

-Better Way Health

It is more a question of how easily educated or open-minded the individual doctors are. If you find somebody who is willing to go the extra step and read the material which is there, he quite often will say “Okay it is not a bad idea let’s try it, let’s do it.” If you find an oncologist who is rigid and says, “no way, they didn’t teach us that in the Medical school,” then absolutely not, they will say “no.”

Yes, there are some people who are just starting to believe even in the medical profession. It’s just the research is giving them tools to understand that we are not dreaming up some kind of garbage at night and putting it on paper. So they are starting to believe us.

There are, right now, as far as I know about 50 clinical trails running all around the world not only in the United States. It is a little bit easier to find them in the United States because there is a database of clinical trials. It is much more difficult to find them around the world. Usually you have to get to the companies of the hospitals. A lot of the clinical studies right now, are of course, on cancer and so far the results are very promising.

Both alone or with monoclonal antibodies, this is the newest trend but there are also clinical trials running that show it helps children with respiratory problems. Months on glucan, returns their quality of life and levels of immunoglobulin to the level of that normal kids.

-Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

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