How is Bosmeric-SR made?

Bosmeric-SR is manufactured at the highest standards in the industry with Sabinsa, named the manufacturer of the year multiple times by the dietary supplement industry as they have been the leader in not only potency and purity, but also in the quality of production.

With over 240 global patients with their ingredients (3 of which are in Bosmeric-SR), our manufacturing is not just cGMP as many supplement manufacturers will claim but it is produced in an FDA registered and audited facility. The reason for such higher standards is that these products are directly used in human clinical trials at hospitals and universities. For example, just with Curcumin C3 Complex, there are 70+ (and counting) human clinical studies. If you take all the competitors on the market, there are only about 30 studies combined. In addition, all the ingredients are grown on their own controlled farms (over 400,000 acres) and the right cultivator of each plant is specifically used to get the right phytonutrients and compounds necessary. In addition, the patents are for the processing and extraction of specific compounds which make all the difference in efficacy. In fact, a recent study (The Strong Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Curcumin) showed that the major generic 95% curcuminoid products on the market had little to no anti-inflammatory or immunological benefit in comparison – only Curcumin C3 Complex had strong significant benefits. As you can see we are very serious in what we do, what we use and have the scientific evidence to back the claims. Sabinsa, who owns the patents to the ingredients in Bosmeric-SR, even wrote the Monograph for Curcuminoids for the USP (United States Pharmacopeia).  Thus the manufacturing standards we utilize are much higher than what all the suppliers in the supplement industry are held to since they are not regulated. For example, we disclose the inert/excipient ingredients due to the process of manufacturing and being FDA inspected and audited. We are transparent and compliant with the current Dietary Supplement regulations. However, most companies are not. We are held to higher standards due to the ingredients being used in clinical studies and trials at major hospitals such as NIH, Mayo, MD Anderson, etc. The studies are independently funded and published by top universities and research centers, not company sponsored.

*Information provided by Bosmeric-SR formulator, Dr. Sunil Pai

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