Are there additional benefits of a Bi-Layered Sustain Release unique delivery system?

Yes. One of the most important distinctions of having the bi-layered caplet is that it maintains 100% of the potency of ingredients in Bosmeric-SR when you take it.  Unlike all other products on the market that come in capsules that have generic turmeric/curcumin and boswellia ingredients along with ginger, bromelin, papain, nattokinase, or any proteolytic enzymes – these ingredients degrade each other as they are mixed together in capsules. Therefore over time, the potency of those products is lowered from the time they leave the manufacturing facility, to the health store shelf and ultimately to your home. Studies show that these ingredients in capsules decrease in potency up to 60% by the time you take those products. With Bosmeric-SR, 100% of the potency of ingredients are maintained when you take it – guaranteed.

*Information provided by Bosmeric-SR formulator, Dr. Sunil Pai

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